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30 CEs

RN: Nursing Instructor’s Course: The Learner in the New Millennium

5 CEs
Nurse smiling

RN: Therapeutic Communication Skills for Nurses

5 CEs
Legal and ethical considerations in nursing

RN: Nursing Care with Legal and Ethical Aspects

3 CEU Credits
skin ulcers

LVN: Skin Breakdown Prevention

5 CEs
Legal and Ethical aspects of nursing

RN: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing 

5 CEs
Medication Safety

RN: Medication Safety & Prevention of Medication Errors

5 CEs
Cultural and Ethical Considerations

RN: Cultural and Ethical Considerations

3 CEU Credits
Establish trust through communication

LVN: Establish Trust Communication with Your Patients

36 Contact Hours
IV and Phlebotomy Certification

LVN: IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal

3 CEU Credits
hiv and aids

LVN: Care for HIV and AIDS Patients

5 CEs
Nurse caring for an old man

RN: Nursing Care with Cultural and Ethical Considerations